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Sliding gates

A sliding gate is the perfect choice for a gateway, for example, if the gate width is 4-10 m and there is no space for swiveling leaf gates, there is a lot of controlled vehicle traffic or if you just want a stylish and easy to use gate for your destination. We manufacture all the sliding gates that we install, so we can also make customized sliding gate solutions for our customers' varying destinations. The sliding gates are standard in aluminum, but gates can also be painted in RAL colors.

Space requirements for sliding gates

Although the sliding gate is also an excellent alternative to narrow and tight spaces, it requires a great deal of room for lateral opening. The sliding gates are mounted on top of the cast concrete beam and the gantry section of the escalator is two meters above the beam. That is, a 10m long gate leaf is installed in the 8m wide aperture and the same space is needed for the page. It is also possible to install sliding gates in two parts, so that the sliding gate can be installed in a passage of up to 16 meters wide.

Sliding gate structure

The sliding gate frame is made of an 80x127 mm aluminum profile tube. At the bottom of the gate there is a bottom beam profile, the inside of which is mounted on a uniform steel beam. There, the XXX are protected from snow and ice, which guarantees the operation of the sliding gate also in winter. As a filler for our XXX, either the grid or sediment can be used according to the customer's wishes.

Dimensions of the sliding gate

The standard heights of escalators go up to the heights of the fence, but we can produce sliding gates of 800mm to 3000mm high. The maximum width for one gate sheet is 10m. We also manufacture special sized gates according to customers' wishes. Gate rigidity is secured with diaconal hinges, so long gates are also sturdy and well sliding.

Automatic sliding gate

We manufacture sliding gates both manual and automatic. The power-operated gate can be controlled, for example, by a radio remote control, GSM control, or connected to the customer's own access control. The automatic sliding gate is an easy-to-use and carefree solution that also enables gate timing and remote access.